Scarcity is the major issue that the subject economics deals with. The increased demand for goods and services when the resources are insufficient leads to scarcity. All the resources of production such as raw materials, labors, and land are scarce in supply in relation to the demand. Students often ignore the most crucial thing that is scarce in both demand and supply, i.e. the time. Students seek special homework helpers that can clear the concepts that seem complex but are fairly easy when once understood.

Scarce resources motivate people to form goods and services from the limited resources. ECONOMICSHOMEWORKHELP.COM desires to help students acknowledge the resources that are often scarce in demand because the scarcity of resources is what makes human adjust themselves to the limited products and services and prioritize their wants accordingly.

  • The 1970s faced the scarcity of gasoline.
  • Poor weather has a negative impact on crops that limits the source of food. It also leads to the shortage of ethanol for fuel.
  • The fish shortage can find its origin with the practice of overfishing.
  • Cattle are abundant in supply but the farmers fewer to take care of them that can lower the supply of cheese and milk.
  • Water has become scarce due to the political situation in Gujarat.
  • Coal is the key commodity that creates energy and the intensive mining can lead to its scarcity.
  • 2012 saw the avian flu in Mexico that led to the death of millions of chickens which resulted in less egg supply.
  • The practice of hunting that result in over-hunting can be the reason behind the scarcity of certain animals.
  • Medicines can be scarce in supply if the pharmaceutical companies are shut down because they cannot increase the profit margin.
  • A limited amount of vaccines for flu available to people can lead to scarcity of securing oneself from the certain flu.
  • Hurricanes mostly in gulf coast lead to the rise in the price of the oil because gas will be less in supply for the vehicles.
  • The scarcity of labors can be witnessed in the countries that demand high-skilled workers when the most of the population is illiterate.
  • The people living in the regions that experience harsh climates can suffer from food shortage because it will difficult to supply them with food every time.
  • Deforestation in Thailand has led to the scarcity of woods.

People on the planet are increasing day by day which leads to demand in food, land and other natural resources that are limited in supply. The scarcity issue began with the increase in population and will last long till the earth stands.

Students via the study of economics can find their own subject of interest and pursue it because there will never be a short in demand for skilled economist and analysist. In order to keep on track with their course and avoid homework that consumes their time. They can pass along their burden to websites that offer homework help services such as statistic homework help and accounts homework help to ensure the student receives good grades.

ECONOMICSHOMEWORKHELP.COM for professional help when studying various forms of demand and supply that may or may not lead to scarcity.


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